Cools down the inhaled smoke more than conventional filters, does not soften from humidity, ensuring
maximum comfort to the smoker.
Creates a distance between the face and the cigarette to protect the eyes from smoke.
Protects the fingers from nicotine stains and the unwanted bitter smell.
Carcinogens toxic substances innovative multi conditioned technology drained tobacco.
Triple layer PERLIT FILTER protected by international patent. The advanced version of Hollow Filter invented in 1999
by «SPS Cigaronne» is protected by the international patent.
Hygienic hot foil line in tipping paper filter protected by international patent.
Exclusive cigarette paper with embossing of Griffin image formed for «SPS Cigaronne» with permanent contract.
Unique designed pack with delicate soft-touch surface. «SPS Cigaronne» is the owner of Royal Slims trademark, developed in 2013 and protected by the international patent.